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Relevant Learning has completed successful training programs and performance support systems on a wide variety of projects. Clients include:

[包 Appintec Software
[包 AT&T
[包 California State Automobile Association
[包 City of San Francisco
[包 Design Professionals Insurance Company (DPIC)
[包 Hewlett Packard
[包 Hyatt Hotels
[包 Janssen Pharmaceuticals
[包 Kaiser Permanante
[包 Mervyns
[包 Ninth House Network
[包 Oracle Corporation
[包 Pacific Bell Directory
[包 Phillips Electronics
[包 Russian National Academy for the Economy
[包 Charles Schwab
[包 Southwestern Publishing
[包 Sun Microsystems
[包 Tandem Computers
[包 TD Waterhouse
[包 Triad Systems
[包 University of California at Hayward
[包 Vignette Software

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