[ Change Management ]

Here are some examples of change management efforts we have been involved in:

AT&T /Communications Campaign
Relevant Learning designed a multi-pronged communications campaign strategy designed to inform and involve AT&T phone center employees in the utlization of new technology that would enable them to perform cross-functional support. The strategy involved defining campagn messges, meeting design, video programming and email communications.

California State Automobile Association/Business Reegineering Change Management
As part of a large scale business reengineering program, we worked with process teams to define how the new Index software would be used for cross-functional teams to defin new work flows and refine the software for CSAA's new underwriting, claims and membership processes. We developed and helped to implement a communications strategy to align employees and management around plan, processes and activities needed to bring large scale organziational change about. We designed a plan for an online performance support system that would enable cross-trained CSAA employees to utilize new software and business procedures with just-in-time help.

Hewlett Packard Channel Logistics Fulfillment Organization/Continuous Learning Organization
The Channel Logistics Fulfillment organization is responsible for fulfilling orders for all of Hewlett Packard's corporate clients and distributors, and is responsible for over $1 billion a year in revenue. We performed a Needs Assessment that measured the training, documentation, coaching and information requirements needed to prepare staff for redesigned business processes that would employ SAP software. The design recommended an appropriate training strategy to facilitate the evolution of the current staff of order takers into knowledge workers who employ critical thinking skills to analyze information and work with internal and external business.

Charles Schwab Regional Call Center Needs Assessment
We developed a plan for defining the training, skills and information requirements needed to support stockbrokers, sales agents, customer service representatives, managers and supervisors and technical personnel in supporting the work of their regional phone centers. This work was done during a time of rapid expansion of Schwab's phone centers in which additional processes and services were being defined. We worked with Schwab personnel in defining the processes to be handled by phone center staff, defined procedures and training requirements.

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