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Here are some examples of video program we have developed or scripted.

Developed self-paced video and workbook courseware on telephony hardware and software. The video progam engaged sales representatives in scenario-based learning in which they feature different functionality of ROLM telephony products in order to sell it to different customers: a CFO, a CIO, a department head and a purchasing agent.

Design Professionals Insurance Company (DPIC)
Developed a video that demonstrated the use of architecture and engineering project management techniques. The video featured interviews with reputable industry leaders talking about the role project management techniques play in their projects. The program was used in conjunction with a student workbook and instructors guide that provided learners with an opportunity to share project management challenges and opportunities to employ the techniques demonstrated in the video.

Tandem Computers
Developed video program used in conjunction with a self-paced workbook that demonstrated how to configure large Tandem systems.

Zale Jewelry
Wrote a video script demonstrating how to sell jade jewlery featuring a Chinese master jeweler as the narrator.

Pacific Gas and Electric
Wrote a video script teaching consumers how to take advantage of a no-interest insulation program.

Hyatt Hotels
Wrote a video script teaching Hyatt Employees how to prevent fires using a Columbo-like character as the narrator.

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